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499,00 kr
Halskæde, fwp+porce., 40/50 cm, sølv Dusty Purple
Armbøjle, justerbar, sølv Marble Green
Armbøjle, justerbar, sølv night blue
Halskæde, fwp+porce., 40/50 cm, sølv Burned Orange
Chain is adjustable in lengths 40/50 cm
UNIK - Louise Kragh proudly presents the Unik series. A line of jewelry where every single piece has an individual and unique shape and expression. Shaped and coloured by hand, every porcelain piece is a true example of what Louise Kragh is all about: Handmade jewelry of the highest quality.
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Materiale Sølv
Porcelænsfarve Ikke tilgængelig
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