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5101030200000000.png Marble Green
5101030200000000.png Marble Green
Ring, porcelænsperle, adj str. 60, sølv Marble Green
5101030200000000.png CremeRose
5101030200000000.png CremeRose
Ring, porcelænsperle, adj str. 60, sølv CremeRose
3604020152200000.png Royal Blue
3604010255724000.png black
3604020155200000.png Royal Blue
3604020152724000.png black
3604020160200000.png Royal Blue
3604020155724000.png black
FALL ring with a large encased porcelain pearl. The ring is made of 925 sterling silver and also comes with a 18 carat gold plating. The ring is adjustable in sizes 52, 55 and 60.
FALL - Timeless and classic pieces encased with beautiful handmade porcelain. The stylish and effortless elegance of this series has made it a true musthave.
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